Shabbat Dinner…

Thank you very much for a wonderful Friday night evening at your house last week! We really enjoyed the Torah thought, singing and of course the great meal with you.
-The A. Family

Thank you for your hospitality on Shabbat and having our family over, It was nice to see your family and spend time with friends. The food and company was great as usual and it added to the enjoyment of a peacrful Shabbat.
-The H. Family

I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful and informative Friday Night dinner with you and Rabbi Twerski. It was very enlightening! (and excellent food as well)!
 -Mr. J. G


Visitors Views…

I want to take a moment to thank you for your kindness and hospitality during Shabbat. Not only was the food terrific, but you also created an atmosphere that was very fitting for a peaceful Shabbat.
- Mr. W.D from LA


Thank you for your warm and welcoming hospitality there is nothing like CHABAD
- Mr. Y. A. from Palm Springs