Enjoy an elegant Shabbat dinner in a unique and intimate setting, in the heart of Monterey.

Dine on traditional Shabbat delicacies, with Western flavors woven throughout the menu.

Sing beautiful Shabbat melodies that will warm your Jewish heart… Shabbat Tableand save room for a L’chaim or two!

For a memorable Jewish experience be sure to make your reservation today! Please make your reservation no later than three days in advance.

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Our Chabad House is open to all, and we encourage you to join us for Shabbat meals during your visit to Monterey. Your generous support will enable us to keep our Chabad House open and assist many more visitors in the future. 

Chabad of Monterey is not funded by Chabad headquarters in New York. We, as every Chabad center, are responsible for all funds of our operating budget. We are supported exclusively by the generous contributions of individuals and foundations that care about our community. All funds raised by Chabad of Monterey remain in Monterey and go directly into programs and services for the Monterey Jewish community and visitors.

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