Hebrew School Pods

    • Hebrew School House Calls!

      One-on-one Hebrew School at your own home!

    • The Basic Details

    • For Who? Jewish boys and girls ages 5-11. Please reach out to us if you have an older child who needs Bar/Bat Mitzvah instruction etc.

      What is included in an in home session or online session? 6 private one-hour study sessions. If you create a mini pod with more than one student, it will take a bit longer than an hour (estimate an hour and fifteen minutes).

      When will these study session take place? Schedule a time slot with Binie,

      What does a session cost? For a single child, the cost is $180 for the full 6 weeks in home session. If you create a pod, the cost drops to $150 per child.  If you are more comfortable to do only a virtual session it is $140 for the full 6 weeks session

      How do pods work? If a couple of families join together to create a group, there is a $30 discount per child. Please note that only children who are on the same level can form a pod. e.g. If you have 2 friends who are age 7 and have received a similar amount of Jewish education, they can form a pod. However, if you have 2 siblings ages 3 and 9, they can't form a pod because they can't be taught together. Please contact us if you have any case-specific questions regarding pods.

      What will the children learn? You have 4 curriculum options to choose from. Read more details at the bottom of the page. You can choose any 2:
      1. Holiday Discovery
      2. My Jewish Home
      3. Hebrew Reading/Aleph-Bet
      4. My Bereishit Journey  


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      Register to get on board. Together, we will work out the details of what days and times work for you best.

    • Any questions please email us at [email protected]

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    • Curriculum Options

    • Holiday Discovery - Prepare and learn the customs and meaning of the Jewish Holidays through crafts, songs, and holiday workshops! This year, your child will proudly explain the how and why as they observe and lead your home in the various holiday observances. 

      My Jewish Home - Your child will learn about the different Jewish items found in a home. Through understanding the different mitzvot (ie: kosher, charity box, prayer book) your child will come to love and appreciate using them!

      Aleph Champ/Hebrew Reading - Younger children will work on mastering their Aleph Bet through audio, visual, kinesthetic and tactile learning. Older children use the Aleph Champ program which is based on the motivational philosophy of Martial Arts. Children work their way up this 10-step reading program, beginning as a 'white reader' and ending as a 'black reader' earning medals and prizes along the way. 

      Bereishit Journey - Children will live, love, and take lessons from the story of our ancestors! Your child will be amazed as s/he learns of the struggles, triumphs, challenges, and joyous moments of our history. Children will create scrapbooks and souvenirs as they travel this awesome journey.

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