Gan Israel Day Camp of Monterey offers an exciting program for two weeks each summer.

CGI welcomes all Jewish children ages 4-12 to join us this summer for the ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’.

Camp Gan Israel Day Camp is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish camps in the world. Gan Israel camps enjoy a well earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programmes, and a full array of educational and exciting activities.


A summer at Gan Israel instills pride in our Jewish Heritage and the Land of Israel in a fashion which is uniquely ours. Our camp program and activities are imbued with Jewish ambiance and culture. Challah baking, stories, Jewish and Hebrew songs, group discussions and the most decorative of Jewish crafts, combine to create an atmosphere of Jewish joy, awareness and pride.


Our group leaders are chosen for their experience, love and ability to care for each child. As positive role models, our leaders will provide campers with an enriching summer experience, ensuring that each camper receives personal attention and guidance at all times.


Days in Gan Israel are filled with diverse, exciting recreational activities, such as sports, outings, arts & crafts, drama, Shabbat experiences and Jewish-themed programes. All activities are carefully chosen to instill a spirit of sportsmanship, self-confidence, leadership and creativity, in a warm and exciting atmosphere.


Camp outings feature excursions to children's favorites, including local entertainment and one extended day outing each week.


Special Events
Dress up days, comedy skits, talent shows, auction days and competitions are among the programes which challenge the children to develop their innate talents.


Safe & Secure
Our camp program is run on enclosed facilities. This allows us to assure the safety and security of all our campers.