Discover your roots through Torah Study classes in a wide range of topics.
Ancient Wisdom in Today's Time
The cornerstone of Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy is its focus in education and study for men, women and children, regardless of affiliation or background.Chabad has seen education as the most effective way to enhance the prospects of the future, both for the individual and for the community.
Our adult education classes are held every week, allowing you to discover your roots through Torah Study classes on various topics. The courses and classes are open to all regardless of background or affiliation. Please review our weekly classes schedule below and choose the classes that suit your schedule & interest!
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TUESDAY: Torah Studies on the weekly Parsha - Torah Portion 8:00 P.M.

WEDNESDAY: Explore Kabbalah with new depth- 8:00 P.M.
Three thousand years ago at a mountain in a desert, a people gathered and heard G-d speak. Since the day the Torah was given, generations of Jews lived by it and died for it. In every generation, sages and simple folk studied, argued and contemplated the Torah. Their questions, answers and lessons became a dynamic part of Torah tradition
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