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    • Chabad of Monterey is proud to offer Seders to go! A full seder for you to take and use at home. Complete with all the "seder plate" items, Shmurah Matzah, wine (or grape juice), and hagadda.  You can enjoy this yourself or to share with a friend or loved one. The seder will be available for pickup and or delivery. 

      Included in the Seder to go:
      Seder plate items  - Bone, Egg, Horseradish, Lettuce, vegetable, and haroset 
      Choice of wine or grape juice
      3 Shmurah Matzot
      Passover Seder Guide
      Passover Dinner  - Gefilta Fish, Salads, Baked Chicken, Vegetable Medley and Roasted Potatos, Dessert

      Cost per Seder is just $70. For a couple just $130 (includes one seder package and 2 meals to go)

April 5th, 2023 from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Phone: 8316432770
Event Fee(s)
I would like to Order
1 Seder to go $70.00
2 Seder to go $130.00
3 Seder to go $190.00
4 Seder to go $250.00
5 Seder to go $310.00
I would like
Grape Juice
Additional Items Available
Additional grape juice bottle 64 oz $12.00
Kosher dry wine $20.00
Pound of Shmura Matzah $27.00
Additional Fish (Salmon) $10.00
I would like my seder to go to be
Picked Up $0.00
Delivered to Monterey/Pacific Grove $35.00
Delivered to Carmel $45.00
I would like to add an additional donation to help Chabad cover Pesach expenses